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  • Our experienced and caring staff of Attorneys, CPAs', Consultants, Advocates, Legal Assistants and Mobile Notarys have helped thousands of people like you. We can help you to! The choice is yours; Let Hilsz & Assocations deliver the results you only wish you could at the fraction of the fee of a Law Firm: Common sense self-help services with expert attorney guidance and legal document review.The convenience of letting one of our respected Agents fight for you.

It is time to let the experienced team of Hilsz & Associates step in and take care of your problems.  Let us evaluate and address your life issues and business challenges; so you can relax and get back to living or managing your business. Don't wait too long; Ignoring your life challanges or business issues; can have consequences that can be avoided by taking action now.  Our respected and down-to-earth team at Hilsz & Associates has options for most situations, and were just a phone call away.

Business Consulting & Personal Advocacy Services

For PRINCIPLES that want NON-ATTORNEY Solutions at a fraction of the cost of hiring an Attorney At Law:

Each service includes a limited scope consultation with an attorney! Get answers from our experienced staff. Have your situation reviewed and get immediate guidance. Is the court date quickly approaching? Meet one of our network attorneys, have your information reviewed and get immediate advice.For those that desire to represent themselves; but want the peace-of-mind that comes with a full legal review of the documents. After all your hard work, don't leave yourself exposed! Do you need help getting all that confusing paperwork figured out? Contact us today and get back in control. Our experts will review your documents and give the information you need. Be protected! Our experts will give you the immediate advice you need to move forward.  




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