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Hilsz & Associates provides Business Consulting and Consumer Advocacy services for clients.  Our mission is to empower every qualified professional working with clients who is facing lender, creditor or life challenges to have reliable information to resolve their situation. Our team will review and manage your monthly financial budget to reduce your stress.

Our Firm and is not associated with the federal government. We are not a government agency.  We are not associated with your lender, bank or creditor.  We are not a financial or foreclosure consultant company.  We are not attorneys or cpas and do not give legal or tax advise.  We are a registered, bonded and insured Legal Assistant Firm that provides "Self Help" to consumers and Paralegal Firm consulting attorneys and cpas in the civil and criminal industry. Hilsz & Associates can be contacted by calling or emailing our office listed below.

T: (888) Loss-Mit 
M: (415) 777-8600
F: (888) 266-0118 
Web :www.CarlHilsz.com
Profile: www.Linkedin.com/in/CarlHilsz 


Fill out this contact form and one of our legal assistants will personally contact you within 24 hours, We are honored to serve you. Do you have any Financial challenges ? Need additional cash flow ? Private Asset Banker, Legal Document Assistant, Lender Litigation, Tax Issues, Bankruptcy, Credit Restoration, Small Claims or other Loss Mitigations needs ?

Do you need Business Consultation or Consumer Advocacy? Were not attorneys but pursuant to Professions Code 6410 and your desire to authorize our firm to act as your attoney-in-fact Our stafff can legally act as your power of attorney and represent your legal, financial, healthcare or other life matter without the cost of an expensive attorney. If you need legal or tax advicse we will schedule a call to speak with one of our network attorneys or tax professionals and at as your agent. If you are an attorney or tax professional seeking additional assistance with your Clients our Firm specializes in Paralegal support. Hilsz & Assocates are a Bone Fide Paralegal under Business and Professions code 6450. Let others know about our services!

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