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Attorney In Fact ® Helping 20 million people. Just like you! Our laws were created to protect and empower us as individuals, families and business owners but many people don't get the help they need because of costly legal fees and complexity. At Hilsz & Associates our Attorney In Fact Firm, makes consulting and advocacy services affordable, simple and available to more people than ever before. I'm proud to say that we've been able to build a service that millions of people rely upon. When you appoint of our firm as your Attorney In Fact, we will coordinate with local attorneys to help when you need more guidance. With Attorney In Fact you never have to go it alone. Our commitment to affordable and accessible legal services is at the heart of everything we do. improve access to the law by reducing cost and complexity. We invite you to try our service and see why our customers are glad to have Attorney In Fact ®. Together, we'll make the law work for you. Attorney In Fact ® finally, the legal help you need at a price you can afford. The simple way to meet the legal needs of your family and business. Whether you want a quick and simple legal document, or have a more complex legal situation requiring the advice of an attorney, Were here to help. Simple step-by-step instructions help you customize documents for your specific needs. And to be sure it's done right, our members can have their document reviewed by an attorney from our hand-picked network, at no extra cost! Don't go it alone on other sites when you can have the convenience and confidence of Attorney In Fact.

Attorney In Fact ® If you have executed a Durable Power of Attorney, then you have signed a document appointing a person to make financial decisions on your behalf. The document is called a Power of Attorney, and the person named to make decisions on your behalf is called an “Attorney-in-Fact” (otherwise known as an Agent).  If being precise is more important to you than being understood, use the phrase “Attorney-In-Fact” at your next social gathering; not only will people not understand you, they will likely find you obnoxious. Using the correct name is less important than understanding the limits of an attorney-in-fact’s power. The person you name as attorney-in-fact is charged, as your fiduciary, with making financial decisions using the highest standards of good faith, fair dealing and undivided loyalty in making decisions in your best interests and keeping your goals and wishes in mind at all times. Your Attorney-in-Fact’s power, however, is limited in two important ways. First, an Attorney-in-Fact is only permitted to act while you are still alive. Once you pass away, the Attorney-in-Fact loses all power. Second, an Attorney-in-Fact only has control over those assets not held in a trust, as trust assets are governed by a Trustee.

As a premier Attorney In Fact ® Firm, we recognize that those who come to us seeking legal and financial assistance are doing so because there is a problem or circumstance, where guidance or justice is needed. Because of this, our staff serve our clients with the common understanding that the clients come to us because they have suffered or are suffering an injustice that needs redress. Simply put, each client or principle comes to us with a problem that needs to be fixed. Whether victims of fraud, hardship or injustice for which we will seek a recovery, we are here to deliver the results that you deserve.


Attorney In Fact ® is a Consulting & Advocacy Firm dedicated to helping our law firm clients. Our team is well versed and experienced in providing solutions to business owners and individuals alike. Our firm has the experience, and qualifications necessary to assist in you.

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