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    Hilsz & Associates is Business Consulting and Personal Advocacy Firm specializing in serving it's California Clients Since 2009 and A+ Rated by the BBB.  

    Free Consultation: 415-777-8600 

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    Hilsz & Associates cares about your matter; like its our own. If you are experiencing a Corona Virus challenge or another life or situation crisis; look no further we've got your back.

    The verdict is in; were guilty beyond a "reasonable doubt” that our reputation is built on our client satisfaction and a track record of amazing results!  

    Free Consultation Call 415-777-8600. 

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    Hilsz & Associates offers Business Consulting, Consumer Advocacy, Mentoring, and Life Coaching, and Legal Support. 

    Life Experiences for Business and Consumers to Deliver Results That Really Matters!

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    Hilsz & Associates Provides Self-Help services, to address all your Business & Personal Matters!

    Our Firm Specializes in Criminal & Civil including but not limited to Commercial & Business Loans, Real Estate, Financial, Domain Broker, Insurance Claims, Estate Planning, Legal Document Preparation and Power of Attorney Services.

    Free Consultation 415-777-8600 or

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    Lake County Rentals has been community strong since 2009 and Rated A+ by the BBB. Call us to schedule a tour our rental properties before you apply.

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Services Offered:

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Litigation & Investigation

Criminal Defense & Civil Cases
Demands, Docs, & Contracts
Spousal & Child Support
Mediation & Small Claims 
Discovery, Depo, & Interrogatories
Irs, Dmv, & Social Security Record

Consulting & Advocacy

Public Records Requests

Credit Report Disputes
Patient Advocacy, Audits & Appeal 
ID Authentication & Bitcoin
Living Trust, & Estate Planning 

Digital Trusts & Paid on Death 
Cosigner, Executor, & Trustee
Fiduciary, Ethics, & Fraud
Privacy Polices, & Password

Business & Personal Solutions

Credit, Debt & Financial Budgets

Real Estate & Commercial Loans
Fraud, Privacy, & Bank Disputes
Judgement & Asset Protection 
Rental Applications & Criteria
Websites & Domain Broker
Unclaimed Property & Funds

Trusted & Calculated

Hilsz & Associates has hundreds of satisfied individual and business clients; appoint us as your attorney-in-fact or agent under a power of attorney and/or we will prepare self-help legal document for you under your direction.


Hilsz & Associates can provide resources to aid in your life situation. Our services are available to clients of an attorney and other licensed professionals. and direct to the public for self help legal document assistance.


Hilsz & Associates has zero complaints & has been in good standing with a A+ Rating with the BBB since 2009. Hilsz & Associates is a consulting and advisory firm acting as your attorney-in-fact for limited scope business and personal transactions only. From criminal and civil law, business, real estate, divorce, family law, estate planning, employment law, bankruptcy, litigation, and healthcare advocacy.

Hilsz & Associates are not a substitute for Attorneys or other professionals. Hilsz & Associates is not a legal referral agency or broker. 
No information provided by Hilsz & Associates shall be construed as a representation, guarantee, warranty or legal advice.

  Business & Personal

Consulting & Advocacy Services can come in many shapes and sizes. Not all firms are equal. If you have found yourself confused about how to choose an expert for your particular matter,


We will offer needed direction in your decision making process. Our firm allows you to appoint us as your Attorney-In-Fact or work directly with your Attorney-at-Law


Do you have a Power of Attorney or Agent? Ever considered creating an estate plan? Business Plan? Financial Budget? or Rid your life of stressful issues? Now is the time to make a change in your life! 

If you prefer to act as your own legal represenitive and give your self legal advice our firm may represent you as your "Attorney-In- Fact”. 
Of course if your situation requires a court appearance or an attorney we can collaborate with any licensed professional.  


In California you have the option to appoint an Attorney-In-Fact to act as your Power Of Attorney, Agent or legal representative for you own business, life or personal situation and maximize your legal budget.

Attorney In Fact ®
Hilsz & Associates is dedicated to providing an affordable, self-help assistance to allow individuals or business. Our firm appoints an agent to act as your attorney-in-fact as designated by your power of attorney. Many business, life and personal issues can be solved without an Attorney or Cpa. 

You may want to consider a free consult with our Attorney-In-Fact 

Do you have life challenges that are causing you to lose sleep? Let our team of experienced consultants and advocates with years of legal, tax, insurance and financial experience protect your interests.


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