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  • Accredited A+ rated since 2009 By the BBB
    Business Consulting & Consumer Advocacy
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  • Hilsz & Associates is Accredited A+ Rated By the BBB Since 2009.
    Our Accredited Advisors will listen, evaluate, and develope a plan based on your goals and objectives to deliver unsurpassed results  We will act as your Attorney-In Fact. No excuses; Just Results!  
    We will work closley with your team to accomplish your goals. 

    Call for a Complimentary Consultation 1-888-4-Loss-Mit

  • Our Philosophy!ÃâšÃ‚ RESCUE, RESTORE, RECOVER &ÃâšÃ‚ RESULTS" Let us improve and overcome your PersonalÃâšÃ‚ or Business challange!ÃâšÃ‚  Our Expert Team &ÃâšÃ‚ Our Experience. Knowledge is Power! Save up to 50% onÃâšÃ‚ Professional Fee,ÃâšÃ‚ Reduce Stress &ÃâšÃ‚ Increased ROI AuthorizeÃâšÃ‚ our staff to act as your Advisor or Attorney-In-Fact. Our Accredited AdvisorsÃâšÃ‚ can solveÃâšÃ‚ your issues. 1-888-4-Loss-MitÃâšÃ‚ 

  • Our Philosophy! RESCUE, RESTORE, RECOVER & RESULTS" Let us improve and overcome your Personal or Business challange! 
    Our Expert Team & Our Experience. Knowledge is Power!

    Save up to 50% on Professional Fee, Reduce Stress & Increased ROI
    Authorize our staff to act as your Advisor or Attorney-In-Fact.
    Our Accredited Advisors can solve your issues
    . 1-888-4-Loss-Mit 

  • Hilsz & Associates has the expertise to jump start your Startup Business or Non-Profit! "An Idea is just an Idea" Incorporating, Funding & Exiting. Turn Ideas into Retirement!
    Our consultants and advocates offer services from legal document services to secret shopping to healthcare 
    Call For Consult Hilsz & Associates at 1-888-4-LOSS-MIT 


Rated A+ Accredited By BBB 

Hilsz & Associates Rated A+ Accredited By BBB From Simple to Complex; Hilsz & Associates delivers proven results!

Scope of Services Offered:  

Legal Assistance
>Criminal, Civil, & First Time Offenders
>Demand Letters, Docs, & Contracts
>Business,RealEstate Estate Planning
>Dissolution, Spousal & Child Support
>Arbitration, Mediation, & Small Claims 
>Litigation, Investigation, & Interviews
>E-Discovery, Depos, & Interrogatories
>Asset Protection, Audits, & Liens  

Estate Planning
>End of Life Planning
>Patient Advocacy 
>Blockchain, & ID Authentication
>Living Trust, Directives & Deeds 
>Digital Trusts, Dpoa, Pod & Poa's
>Cosigner, Joint Executor, & Trustee
>Fiduciary, Ethics, Conflicts, & Fraud
>Privacy Polices, Data, & Password

Consumer Advocacy
>Credit, Mortgage, Medical & Student
>Fraud, Privacy, Fees & Bank Disputes
>Consumer Protection & Protection
>Liens, Judgements, & Garnishments
>Loan, Lease & Mortgage Applications
>Unclaimed Property, Funds, Divorce 
>Record Audits, Transcript & Escrow

Business Consulting
>Secret Shopping, & Debt Collection 
>Budgets, Profit, Margins, & Expenses 
>Business Plans & Legal Documents
>Negotiation, Operations & Dev
>Green Planning, Permits, & Licencing
Non-Profit Organizations
>Fundraising & Soliciting
>Development & Registration
>Compliance & Expediting
>Venues, Events, & Logistics 
Risk Management
>Household & Landlord Policies 
>Banking, Insurance & Exclusions
>Payee, Additional Insured & Interest
>Hold Harmless & Indemnification
>Premises Liability & Contents Policy
>Independent Contractor's & Employee
>Umbrella Liability & Workers Comp 
>Identity Theft Prevention
>Credit Lock & Freeze Assets 
>DMV, Driver License, & Password 
>Emails, Social Media, & Credit Cards,
>Medical Records & Social Security 
>IRS,Tax Refunds, & School Records, 
> Banks & Safe Deposits Boxes
Disruptive Technologies
>Crypto, Blockchain, & Cannibis 
>E-wallet's, P2P, ID, Smart Contracts, >2FA, AML, Cloud SaaS, MBaaS, PaaS & Fraud
> Cyber Security, & Digital Transactions
> Retail Risk Assessment & On-line
> Online Pawn, Gold & Internet
>Secure Vaults & Transportation
> Precious Metals & Private Keys,
> Artificial Intelligence & Virtual Tech

Startups & Business Advice
>Corporate Structure & Co Founders
>SMART, Convertible Notes & Equity
>Executive, Advisor & Angel Investor
>Trade Secrets, Dissolution, & IP
>Corporations, LLC, LLP, & Pass Thru's
Investing & Due Diligence 
> Rental Criteria, Leases Applications
> Renters & Landlord Policy Coverage
>Underwriting, Addendums & Practices
>Credit Backgrounds, & Due Diligence
> Entitlement, Lot, Rehab, & Cash Flow
>Protection Class, Risk & Prelim Title
>Deductions,Depreciation & Strategy
>WC, Liability, Umbrella & Exclusions
>Schedule C & E, Valuations, & Clues
>Trust, Gains, & Tax Reassessment
Homeowner Improvement 
>Habitabilty Audits & Inspections
>Mechanic Lien Release & Contracts
>Project Management & Workers Comp
>Contractor Payments & Punch Lists
Community HOA's
>Governing Doc, & Enforcement
>CCR's ADR, Rules, & Disputes
>Membership, Advocacy & Values
>Benefits, Development & Res Study
>Davis Sterling, & Compliance                                 
Healthcare Compliance
>Medicare, Cms, & Jimmo Settlement
>Medical Eligibility & Irrevocable Trusts
>Appeals, Grievances, & Arbitration
>Improvement Standards & Discharge 
>Skilled Care & Staffing Solutions 

Consumer Advocacy 
>Mortgage Fraud & Debt Litigation 
>Estate Planning, & Living Trusts     
>Healthcare & Medicare Appeals
>Casualty Loss, Claims & Review 
>Natural Disaster Recovery
>Criminal & Civil Self-Help
>Legal Aid Judgement & Asset Protection, >Bankrupty, Divorce & Child Support
>FICO & Fair Credit Billing Act Disputes
Business Consulting
>Unclaimed Fund & Gov Agencies
>Negotiations & Strategic Planning 
>Risk, Liability & Profit Management 
>Secret Shopping & Internal Theft
>Incorporation & Intellectual Property 
>Cyber,Data Breach, & Ransomware  
>Audits, Appeals & Representation
>Boe,Irs, Cpa &Tax Reassessment
>Building,Planning, & Permit 
>SelfHelp Legal Docs & Paralegal    
>Entitlement, Rehab & Construction 
>Lot,Property & Business Acquisitions
>Criteria & Clues Reports
>Best Practices & Expert Appraisers
>HOA Governing Doc, & CCR's

Hilsz & Associates 

Hilsz & Associates is a professional Business Consulting and Consumer Advocacy Firm. 

Community strong since 2009  representing the interests of individual and corportate clients; rendering attorney-in-fact, agent, power of atttoney and legal document prep meet our clients legal needs.

Hilsz & Associates can help you with the required paperwork. Let us help you get your new business up and running! Need a little help with your estate planning or filing a probate? We can help you prepare your living trust, will, advance healthcare directive and power of attorney. No need to hire an expensive attorney. 

Hilsz & Associates is an accredited advisory firm acting as your attorney-in-fact for limited scope business and personal transactions only.

Were not Attorneys, CPA, Investment or Financial Advisor, Private Investigators, Real Estate or Insurance Agent. No specific or individual advice provided by Hilsz & Associates shall be construed as a representation, guarantee, warranties or legal advice.

Hilsz & Associates posseses expertice in several consumer and commercial industries including but not limited to:

Our Clients First!

Business Consulting and Consumer Advocacy Services can come in many shapes and forms. Not all firms are equal. If you have found yourself confused about how to choose an expert for your particular business or consumer  matter, there are several important considerations to keep in mind that will offer needed direction in your decision making process. 

Does the firm allow you to appoint htem as an Attorney-In-Fact or Agent? Does your situation require an attorney? Do you require a power of attorney? Do you desire to appoint a trusted third party firm thats registered as a bone-fide fuduciary with the State of California? 

We can handle your situation in good faith to ensure your rights are protected. If you desire to act as your own attorney and are willing to select your own forms and give your self legal advice our legal document prepartion service may be all you need to accomplish your tasks.

Hilsz & Asssociates can save you hundreds of dollars by acting as your attorney-in-fact or agent to prepare your legal documents or act as your legal representive instead of hiring an expensive attorney! Of course if your situation requires a court appearance before a judge, legal advice or a legal documents draft from scratch we can work with one of our trusted network attorneys.  



Your Attorney-In-Fact!   
We will manage your personal, life and business issues; What is an attorney-in-fact?  Hilsz & Associates will act as your agent  to handle everything from legal documents to negociations. CONSULT US TODAY!

Since 2009 Hilsz & Associates has been dedicated to providing low-cost, self-help legal document assistance, attorney-in-fact and power of attorney assistance who have business and consumer issues that dont require legal or tax advice.

Our service currently apply to California for divorce, family law matters, probate, estate planning, stepparent & adult adoption, bankruptcy, civil litigation, guardianship, conservatorship, incorporation and other types of legal form preparation & filing services. Our offers include professional, alternitives to using an attorney for any matter. When setting up a new California or Delaware entity, there are several choices. Do you want to set up a S or C Corporation, or Limited Liability.

Consulting & Advocacy

Do you need assistance to turn your idea into a business? do you have life challenges that are causing you to lose sleep? Let our team of Experienced Real Estate, Legal, Tax, Insurance and Financial Accredited Advisors protect your interests.


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